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    Pouring cap - Ultimate Bottle

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    Pouring cap for the VANN Ultimate Bottle 500, 1000 and 2000ML

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Nothing is mandatory! Feel free to do what you feel comfortable with. Do you match our values and is it important to you to stay well hydrated? Determine your daily water requirement with our water calculator, select the bottle that suits you and we will take care of it for you the next day. Stay hydrated💪.

    The concept of expensive is different for everyone and we cannot judge what is expensive for you. We do want to show you that a VANN water bottle can be a unique investment with a high return. Imagine spending $40 on a reusable VANN bottle. This saves you an average of 4 one-off bottles per month, which means about 10 euros per month. In a year you save 120 euros and you have only spent 40 euros. This makes you end up with 80 euros in plus, which means a return of 200 % 📈.

    Our advice is not to clean the VANN drinking bottle in the dishwasher. This is because the dishwasher can affect the life of the bottle. We have customers who simply put the bottle in the dishwasher and experience no problems. However, we want to guarantee you 100% sure of the best quality and our advice remains to clean the bottle by hand. Rinse your bottle well after use and clean it regularly with a drop of detergent. You can clean the straw with the included brush.

    A VANN drinking bottle is better for health and the environment than disposable plastic bottles. The Ultimate Bottle keeps drinks at the right temperature, has a wide opening for easy filling, is reusable, made of robust material, has a stylish design and motivates you to drink enough water. In short: A VANN Bottle provides a unique drinking experience that no plastic bottle can match.

    Yes! You have our promise. Be careful when drinking hot drinks, because the bottle keeps the drink warm for a long time. Be careful when taking a sip to avoid burning yourself.

    Yes, the VANN drinking bottle is 100% free of harmful substances such as BPA, DEHA and microplastics. We only use the highest quality food-safe stainless steel, which means that bacteria growth is much less than in a plastic bottle. Keep in mind that it is important to clean your bottle regularly!

    Correct, the VANN drinking bottle is indeed 100% leak-proof with the carrying cap and the pouring cap. It is our advice not to use the cap with straw when you put the bottle in your bag, because this can lead to leakage. This is with the emphasis on can, because the cap with straw does not leak easily. However, when another object in your bag comes into contact with it, the cap may move. It is our priority to prevent a wet bag, hence this advice.

    The Ultimate bottle is available in 500ml, 1 liter and 2 liter formats.

    Yes, when purchasing a VANN drinking bottle you automatically donate 1 euro to the Plastic Soup Foundation.

    No plastic in your body

    Skip the Microplastics of one-way plastic bottles!

    Stay energetic

    Keep your fluid balance in balance by drinking enough water and stay energetic to reach your goals

    Good for your wallet

    Invest once in an Ultimate Bottle and structurally save on the costs of disposable drinking bottles.

    For our planet

    With every bottle purchased you donate 1 euro to the Plastic Soup Foundation. Make a difference for our planet and prevent pollution!

    Pouring cap for the VANN Ultimate Bottle 500, 1000 and 2000ML