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    Is coffee or tea your favorite beverage on the go? Single-use disposable cups are a thing of the past! By 2023 the new legislation is in and reusable drinking cup becomes the new norm. The ultimate coffee cup to go from VANN is the must-have of 2024. The thermos cup is made for reuse and is ideal for traveling, at the office or while hiking. The stainless steel double wall design ensures your coffee or tea stays nice and hot. The outside does not get hot, which is nice for your hands.

    + POINTS
    ✔ For every creation: Starbucks Grande size (500ML)
    ✔ Keeps drinks hot or cold
    ✔ Easy to clean
    ✔ Non-slip bottom
    ✔ Leak-proof
    ✔ BPA-free
    ✔ Support Plastic Soup Foundation
    ✔ Fits in most cup holders (diameter 7 cm)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Best move ever

    I now have the entire Vann collection and am a real fan 💖 colleagues asked how did you get that, I shared the information and a week later almost everyone walked away with a Vann cup or bottle. Really top products


    I have the half liter and liter drinking bottle and a coffee to go cup. Everything that needs to stay cool stays cool and everything that needs to be warm stays warm for a long time. It is also great that the drinking bottles come with 3 caps so that you can alternate for every occasion. The only point of criticism is the sports cap, the drinking spout is hard and I personally find it less pleasant to drink. The price may also deter some, they are quite expensive, but definitely worth it.


    Good sturdy cup. Keep everything warm and cold! I'm very happy with it


    The cup keeps the heat very well. It is my first coffee to go cup and I am very happy with it. I also use it at home. It is easy to wash by hand.


    The best coffee cup I have had so far, the quality is very good and the cup is a nice large size.

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    Nowadays, you see claims everywhere in the market, but unfortunately, products are often not actually tested. Be cautious of this. VANN products are free from toxic substances and are genuinely tested for this!

    The bottle is made of high-quality 18/8 stainless steel and finished with a powder coating. The caps are made of PP plastic. You might wonder: "Why a stainless steel bottle with a plastic cap?"

    The plastic used for the cap is polypropylene, the safest plastic material with excellent properties that we cannot achieve with a stainless steel cap. PP material is also known as code 5 (PP), which is considered the safest type of plastic. This material is safe to use and helps us save a lot of single-use "bad" plastic!

    The bottles are thoroughly tested to ensure that no toxic substances are present. If they do not pass the test (which has never happened), they are rejected and not sent to our warehouse.

    Why 10,000+ people choose VANN

    - The Ultimate Coffee Cup: A unique design with the best features. We offer you the ultimate drinking experience, promise!
    - Made from the highest quality materials
    - True 6 hours cold and 4 hours hot
    - Support the Plastic soup Foundation
    - Responsibly produced: Read more here
    - Calculate your personal water needs


    Listening to our customers, attention to perfection, passion for the craft and many tests have finally led to the ultimate drinking bottle. We have done all the preliminary work for you and are proud to offer you the ultimate drinking experience.


    Satisfied customers is what gives us energy. We are 100% confident in our products, which is why we provide a satisfaction guarantee. Not satisfied? Contact us easily via whatsapp. No long procedures or forms. Short lines and direct contact!


    VANN is a proud eco-angel of the Plastic Soup Foundation. We help in the fight against disposable plastic and you automatically donate with every purchase. Read more about Plastic Soup Foundation here.


    Created specifically to support your Ultimate Lifestyle, the VANN coffee mug is your hydrated buddy for any occasion!

    This way you have a cold or hot drink on hand during a workday. Hydrate with an ice protein shake after your workout, sip a tea at the park or enjoy your beverage creation while on the go.

    What is VANN?

    "The reality is that drinking from single-use plastic bottles is harmful to our health and our nature. After using plastic bottles, an overwhelming number of them are left in places where they don't belong.

    Hydration is the basis for a healthy and energetic lifestyle. Yet research shows that only 15% of people drink enough water. That is unacceptably low. If we want to keep our body and mind in top condition, drinking enough is absolutely necessary.

    Our mission is to create awareness and inspire people to drink enough water, which helps them realize their Ultimate Lifestyle. The Ultimate Bottle is designed to drink enough water in a healthy and responsible way."

    - Thijs, Founder VANN Bottles

    Since 2020

    During my trip to Costa Rica, I was confronted with beaches full of plastic waste, especially single-use disposable bottles. On one of these beaches, the local community initiated a project to raise awareness. They cleaned up the beach and then created a whale sculpture out of all the plastic bottles they found there.These people and their artwork have led to the start of VANN. I am forever grateful to them.

    The Start

    After my trip to Costa Rica, I embarked on this journey with fresh ideas! The concept was there, and I simply started. We created designs, conducted tests, and eventually arrived at our first product, which we call "The Standard Bottle." It hasn't always been easy, and like any enterprise, VANN has faced its fair share of challenges. For years, I personally packed and shipped all the packages. It was a beautiful and enlightening time that I will never forget! Fortunately, I am no longer the one amidst the boxes. Nowadays, we collaborate with reliable logistics partners who can handle this process in a much more sustainable, efficient, and large-scale manner.

    Delivery time:

    United Kingdom: 3-5 days
    Netherlands & Belgium: 24 hours
    Germany: 2-4 days
    Europe: 3-5 days
    Rest of the world: 5-10 days

    Modern warehouse in the Netherlands

    Sustainability is our top priority, which is why we do our utmost to deliver your order as environmentally conscious as possible. Your order will be shipped from a fully automated warehouse in the Netherlands. This ensures that the shipping process is organized as optimally and sustainably as possible. 

    What is the delivery time and from where do you ship my order?
    We ship your order from our warehouse in the Netherlands. The delivery to the UK is 3-5 working days and the rest of europe 3-8 working days. 

    Do you offer a warranty?
    Yes, there is at least 1 year warranty on our products and we also offer a satisfaction guarantee. Not good = money back! No worries :).

    Is the mug suitable for sparkling water?
    No. The cup is not suitable for sparkling water. Choose the ultimate bottle for sparkling water.

    Is the coffee mug dishwasher safe?
    Yes, VANN products can go in the dishwasher. But we recommend washing the products by hand, as this promotes longevity. In practice, it is best to rinse the coffee mug after use and thoroughly clean it regularly. Hand washing is more effective than using the dishwasher, because the dishwasher mainly cleans the outside, which usually does not get very dirty. To thoroughly clean the cup, simply fill it with a mixture of hot water and cleaning soda. Leave this overnight and rinse the cup several times the next day. This way, the inside will be as good as new again!

    Where are VANN products made?
    In a modern factory in China. Transparency is the future! CLICK HERE to read more about where we produce our products.

    Is a VANN coffee cup free of harmful substances?
    Yes, the VANN coffee mug is 100% free of harmful substances such as BPA, DEHA and microplastics. We use only the highest quality food grade stainless steel. This has been tested and our products meet the LFGB standard.

    What is the weight of the coffee mug?
    200 grams.

    Is the VANN coffee mug leak-proof?
    Correct, the VANN coffee mug is indeed leakproof. However, please be careful when using boiling water. Boiling water can cause high pressure in the cup. The advice is to let the water cool slightly before pouring it into the cup.