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    Reusable coffee cup printed with logo

    Herbruikbare koffiebeker bedrukken met logo

    Are you already familiar with coffee cup marketing? This is a new way of promoting your business. You have reusable coffee cups printed with your logo and voilà, you give your brand awareness a huge boost. Coffee cup marketing is an emerging and innovative marketing trend since the law will change on 01 July 2023 . So be quick! In this blog we tell you more about printing a reusable coffee cup with your logo.

    New law takes effect on July 1, 2023

    As an entrepreneur you naturally follow the changes in the law in the field of sustainability and innovation closely. Then of course you know that too changed European legislation is that from July 2023, disposable cups may no longer be used for consumption on the go. In addition, you are obliged to offer a reusable alternative.

    If you don't have a coffee bar or another venue where you sell food and drinks to go, you might think: "annoying, but what's that of my business"? Take it from us that it will take a little longer, but it will also concern you. Not only with regard to your coffee to go, for example, but from 1 January 2024 there will also be a ban on disposable cups for consumption on site. This means that every company must switch to normal tableware or reusable coffee cups. And let that be a super great marketing opportunity for you as an entrepreneur.

    Have your reusable coffee cup printed with your logo, a great marketing opportunity!

    Reusable coffee cups with your logo are the perfect promotional item. After all, there are very few Dutch people who do not drink coffee and coffee to go has also been immensely popular for some time. Imagine if everyone who works in your office or who works in your coffee shop uses a reusable coffee cup with your logo, how fast would it go with your brand awareness?

    Coffee to go is often consumed on the train or in the bus and on average it takes 7 to 10 minutes to make a cup of coffee. The people standing or sitting around the person with the coffee will see your logo passing by for 7 to 10 minutes. If that doesn't stick....

    The perfect promotional material

    But it is not only the perfect promotional material on the train or bus, how about a business center? Take, for example, the WTC at Schiphol. Numerous companies are located here and employees often walk over Schiphol Plaza during their break with a coffee in hand for much-needed exercise. By having your company logo printed on a reusable coffee cup and giving it as a gift to all your employees, you can ensure that even travelers at Schiphol come into contact with your company. You can't get a better promotion!

    A reusable coffee cup with logo as a promotional gift

    Another option is of course to give your reusable coffee cups with your logo as a promotional gift. For example, think of Christmas or Sinterklaas and there are many other occasions to name. It is something different from the standard bottle of wine that people give each other as a gift every year and you will see that most people will eagerly use this reusable coffee cup.

    Knowing more?

    Maybe you initially thought it was all just a hassle, that new legislation and you didn't really see the point of it all. We hope that with this blog we have been able to change your mind. Would you like to know more about reusable coffee cups and have them printed with your logo? Please rest assured Contact with us!