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    A 2 liter water bottle

    Een waterfles van 2 liter

    Water bottle 2 liters

    A drinking bottle that can hold 2 liters is one of the largest drinking bottles on the market. What are the advantages of a drinking bottle with a capacity of no less than 2 liters. Today we are going to discuss that in this blog.

    water bottle-2 liter

    A good stock

    When you can take 2 liters of water with you in a bottle, it means that you have a large supply with you. In some situations this may be ideal. Think, for example, of a day at the beach or a day out. You can also not only put water in the drinking bottle, but also other drinks. This way you can easily take your favorite drinks with you. You can get no less than 8 large glasses from the water bottle! Did you also know that your drinks stay cold for 24 hours and warm for 12 hours in the VANN 2 liter water bottle? This is one of the major advantages of a VANN drinking bottle.

    Fill less often

    A capacity of 2 liters is quite a bit. Did you know that it is healthy to drink 2.2 L of water per day. If you fill the water bottle in the morning and drink it completely empty, you almost meet this goal. Filling the drinking bottle less often also means that you save time. Of course, we're only talking about a few seconds here. Yet those small differences in today's "fast" life can make all the difference.

    3 Different caps

    A VANN water bottle with a capacity of 2 liters comes standard with 3 different caps. - A pouring cap so that you can easily pour your favorite drink into a glass / cup. The pouring cap can also be used to drink directly from. - A cap with straw to ensure that you can enjoy your drink with 1 simple suction movement - Standard cap. Do you go out with your bottle and put it in a bag? Then it is best to put the standard cap on the bottle. This is 100% leak-proof.

    drinking bottle complete set