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    5 easy tips to use less plastic

    5 makkelijke tips om minder plastic te gebruiken

    1. Take your own bag with me

    Unfortunately, bags made of plastic often end up in the ocean and, in addition, the amount of bags in circulation cannot be recycled. Plastic bags are deadly to many marine animals and unfortunately countless animals die every year. So bring your own bag! Then you don't have to buy a new plastic bag, which also saves your wallet. Didn't bring your own bag? Then check whether you can opt for a paper bag. Paper bags are much easier to degrade and recycle.

    2. A reusable water bottle is your best friend

    Are you on the road or on vacation? We are often quick to buy plastic bottles of water. On the one hand, this is positive, because it is important to drink enough water. Especially in warm weather. However, buying disposable plastic drinking bottles has a downside. A plastic bottle is used for an average of 10 minutes and then thrown away. Unfortunately, a plastic bottle often ends up in nature or the ocean. The solution is to take a reusable drinking bottle with you on your trip. Choose a bottle with sufficient capacity for you and refill it, so you always stay well hydrated.

    3. Skip plastic straws

    Skip them! And I hear you thinking “but I always throw them away neatly”. You do that well, however, the fact is that plastic straws often end up in the sea. This is a big problem, straws are very harmful to many marine animals. They sometimes end up in turtle nostrils, causing pain and misery. In addition, it is a bizarre fact that a plastic straw is used for an average of 5 seconds and then lasts for about 200 years! Therefore choose a sustainable alternative. Think of stainless steel straws, bamboo straws, wooden straws or paper straws.

    4. Toothpaste alternatives and a bamboo toothbrush

    Here we have another consumable product that causes a lot of pollution. Toothpaste tubes and toothbrushes end up in landfills en masse, the numbers run into the billions. Fortunately, there are good innovations in the field of new teeth brushing these days. Instead of plastic toothpaste tubes, tabs are available packed in a reusable glass bottle. For this you can go to Smyle , Happysoaps or Happy tabs . In addition to the toothpaste tubes, you can also save money by using a bamboo toothbrush, skip that plastic!

    5. Cool promotion: Save caps for guide dogs for the blind

    Don't throw away the caps of soft drinks or milk cartons, but hand them in at 1 of the depots! You not only support the training of guide dogs, but you also save the environment. In the meantime, all caps together have already yielded tens of thousands of euros. The current position of 2022 is € 5223! More information about this fun action can be found on the following page: .