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    Top 12 coffee creations

    Top 12 koffie creaties

    If you used to go for "a cup of coffee", you simply got a cup of coffee in front of you. Often that was just a cup of filter coffee. You know, from such a device that your grandparents still have in the cupboard and of which the younger readers among us have been wondering for a long time how on earth you can make a beautiful coffee creation with it …….

    Nowadays this is different. You can now order countless coffee creations and make them yourself at home. Whether you like strong, spicy, sweet, with or without foam, with alcohol or with a nice taste such as chocolate or caramel, there is a coffee that suits you for all taste preferences! Yet not everyone is still aware of what is possible in the field of coffee. That is why we have listed the top 12 coffee creations for you in this blog. Perhaps there are a few that you have never heard of and that you should definitely try.

    A visit to a coffee bar

    Every time you visit a coffee shop and open the coffee menu, it seems as if there are even more and more special types of coffee. Some are similar in name, so you wonder (if you're not completely familiar with the world of coffee) what exactly is the difference between these coffee varieties. It almost feels boring and perhaps a bit not done to 'just' order a cappuccino, let alone a black coffee. And if you study the coffee menu there a little more, then the uncertainty comes: what is a flat white ? And when do I choose a ristretto instead of an espresso? You've never heard of a Wiener melange and what the hell is a cortado? In short, it is high time to help you on your way so that you can confidently report which coffee creation you would like to have on your next visit to a coffee bar.

    1. An Espresso

    Let's start with the basics and without fuss with the espresso. Most people know this coffee variant. Espresso is known as a small strong coffee. In the Netherlands, this variant is often drunk by coffee lovers after a delicious meal. In the southern countries of Europe, espresso is drunk throughout the day, often standing at the bar. In addition, espresso forms the basis for coffee drinks with milk, such as a cappuccino or latte.

    2. A Ristretto

    A ristretto is basically a more concentrated and darker version of the regular espresso. However, there are differences between espresso and ristretto. The ristretto is made with the same amount of coffee as an espresso, but with only half the amount of water. About 15 ml. The result is a rich and aromatic drink – you could even call it spicy – ​​that's perfect for those who need a 'kick' to get going in the morning. A Ristretto is not much more than 1 sip, so a shot of coffee.

    3. The Americano

    The name Americano dates back to World War II. American soldiers, stationed in Italy, often found the normal Italian espresso too strong and bitter, so they added more water. An Americano is therefore nothing more than a normal espresso, diluted with extra hot water. Where an espresso consists of about 25 to 30 ml of coffee, an Americano contains about 60 ml of coffee (about 2x as much water).

    4. A lungo

    The lungo is similar to the Americano but is slightly different. There is indeed a difference. The amount of ground coffee remains the same as an espresso or Americano (about 7 grams), but 1.5 to 2 times as much water is used during preparation. The big difference between a lungo and an Americano is that all the water in a lungo runs through the ground coffee. With an Americano, an espresso is simply diluted with extra water. Because all the water runs through the ground coffee, this results in a strong and richer taste than an Americano, which can sometimes taste a bit watery. This mild cup of coffee is finished with a velvety cream layer.

    Would you rather have a different coffee creation?

    Do you find all these coffee creations too ordinary or are espresso variants simply too strong for you? Then you will soon end up with a type of coffee with milk (also known as a latte type of coffee). By adding milk, the taste of the coffee generally becomes softer, after all, you taste less bitter, and the coffee tastes fuller and creamier. We will also list these for you.

    5. The Cappuccino

    Who doesn't know him, the Cappuccino. It is the most popular type of coffee with milk. You can get a cappuccino everywhere these days. This coffee variant is made with a double shot of espresso to which you add frothed milk. The milk (usually whole milk) is frothed in a milk jug using a steam pipe. When the milk is frothed, part of the milk is first poured into the espresso. The last part of the frothed milk is poured on top of the cappuccino and espresso layer. This creates the foam layer on a cappuccino. The foam layer is also excellent for the so-called latte art. You know, those cute little figures that baristas make on your coffee.

    6. A Latte, Caffè Latte or, in Dutch, latte

    A latte, or caffè latte or latte, all names for the same coffee creation, resembles a cappuccino, only more milk is used. The milk is frothed slightly less than with a cappuccino, making it thinner. A latte uses about 250ml of milk that is poured over a double shot of espresso. More milk therefore means a less strong coffee taste, making this type of coffee softer and creamier.

    7. A Flat White

    Where most people still know the above coffee creations, it is now starting to get a bit more exciting. Because what exactly is a Flat White? Since the flat white is a coffee creation between those with milk, it is logical that this variant also resembles the cappuccino and the latte. The difference between a Flat White and a cappuccino is again the thinner frothed milk. A Flat White is also made with 2 shots of espresso. The Flat White tastes slightly stronger than a cappuccino or latte due to the amount of milk. First, a double espresso is made, to which about 150ml of thinner frothed milk is added. Unlike the Latte, the flat white does have a foam layer.

    8. A Cortado

    A cortado is one of the few coffee variations that does not originate in Italy. The cortado comes from Spain, where it is served a lot. A cortado is an espresso diluted with warm milk. The ratio of milk and coffee in a cortado is about 50% milk and 50% espresso. Just like with the cappuccino, it is also possible to make latte art with the cortado. The cortado is still relatively unknown in the Netherlands, but is very popular in Spain, Portugal and several South American countries.

    9. The Latte Macchiato

    We have already discussed the Latte. If you thought we were talking about the Latte Macchiato, you are wrong. They are actually two different coffee creations. You also immediately recognize the latte macchiato, because it is often served in a transparent glass, so you can clearly see 2 layers. First, about 250ml of milk is frothed and poured into a glass. Only then is the espresso carefully poured over it. By adding the espresso later, those 2 clear layers are created. With the Latte it happens the other way around.

    10. The Espresso Macchiato

    Do you fancy something strong but not too strong? Then the Espresso Macchiato is for you. This is nothing more than a normal single shot of espresso with two teaspoons of frothed milk added. The milk is simply frothed like with a cappuccino, but instead of pouring this frothed milk into the espresso, you scoop the foam on top.

    11. The Wiener blend

    Wiener melange is a traditional Austrian recipe, to be precise, the name says it all, from Vienna. Wiener melange originated in Viennese coffee houses. But nowadays the Wiener melange is available everywhere and very popular. The original recipe states that in addition to coffee and chocolate, an egg yolk and whipped cream should also be used in this coffee variation. Yet the Wiener melange is often made without egg yolk, but with whipped cream. However, if you are going to try this coffee instead of origin, then an egg yolk is indeed used.

    12. Coffee choc

    Are you a real sweet tooth? Preferably also when you drink coffee? Then coffee choc is your thing. Coffee choc is a coffee with cocoa and milk foam, instead of an espresso. This creates a delicious sweet chocolate drink with a light taste of coffee. A wonderfully full, sweet taste with a creamy aftertaste due to the cocoa and milk foam. It's no secret that coffee and chocolate make a heavenly mix. They reinforce each other's unique properties. That's why a coffee choc is worth trying.

    Variations on these delicious coffee creations

    There are of course many more variants of these 12 coffee creations. Both as a warm variant but also as ice cream variant . Which coffee variant or coffee creation suits you best depends of course entirely on your preferences and taste. In addition, the taste of course also depends very much on the type of milk and beans used. We hope that the next time you are in a coffee shop, the choice has become a little easier. In the beginning it is always a search for your taste and of course your taste can always change. Whichever coffee creation you choose, always drink it from one reusable coffee cup . This is not only good for the environment, it will also be the norm from July 2023. In a next blog we will tell you more about this.