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    The best places for coffee to go in Groningen

    De beste plekken voor koffie to go in Groningen

    If, like most people, you can't function without coffee in the morning, you know that one cup before departure is often not enough. Fortunately, Groningen has an abundance of coffee shops where you can get your much-needed "coffee to go". But choosing the right spot can be a challenge! So, where can you find the very best places for a delicious coffee to go in Groningen? We have the answer for you! Grab your reusable coffee cup and let's hop into town!

    Now, let's talk about a crucial factor for a perfect cup of coffee: the quality of the coffee machine. You can rest assured at these coffee shops, because they work with the best coffee machines on the market.

    1. World of Barista

    Let's start with World of Barista, located on the Grote Markt. Here it is not just about enjoying a delicious cup of coffee, but you can also discover the art of being a barista by following a barista training course. So, if you are looking for top quality coffee to go, a visit to this coffee shop is definitely worth it.

    2. Coffee Break

    For a well-deserved coffee break you can go to the bustling Zuiderdiep. This charming coffee shop invites you to escape the hectic pace of everyday life and enjoy a moment of peace and enjoyment. The interior is warm and inviting, with comfortable seating and a cozy ambiance. The smell of freshly ground coffee beans wafts through the air and promises an unforgettable taste experience.

    3. Doppio

    If you're looking for a great place to get your coffee to go, a visit to Doppio is definitely recommended. I regularly come here for a large 'soup bowl' cappuccino. Ideal to start your day or end an afternoon of shopping. Doppio Brugstraat is even the very first branch of the impressive Doppio coffee empire, which now has no fewer than 27 branches.

    4. Simon Levelt

    At Simon Lévelt in Groningen you can not only enjoy their excellent coffee at home, but also the perfect cappuccino on the spot. Whether you take a seat on the attractive terrace in the summer or inside by the window on colder days, you are assured of a great experience. For the children there is even delicious hot chocolate with a dollop of whipped cream, served at the perfect temperature. And for those on the go, don't worry, you can also get coffee to go here. Simon Lévelt is truly a versatile coffee destination in the heart of our beautiful city!

    5. Food Matterz

    Finally, Food Matterz is a place where you can enjoy high-quality coffee, including a monthly special. With a view of the beautiful Groningen Spilslokkengracht you can relax in the comfortable chairs. Here you can also get coffee to go. And if you want to get some work done, there are convenient work stations available for business meetings or to work productively. Curious about what else Food Matterz has to offer? Then read Marjolein's blog. Have fun discovering these great coffee spots in Groningen!